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Pour découvrir l'univers de La Brasserie de Bretagne
et de ses bières bretonnes
vous devez avoir plus de 18 ans
Brasserie de Bretagne
C’est en 1998 que nous avons élaboré notre premier
brassin sur la commune de Trégunc, la première
recette d’une longue lignée de bières breizh d’émotions.

The story of Brasserie de Bretagne

This was our starting point, driven by a real passion for brewing and our region. Over the years, we have extended our range of products and the flavours that evolved under the name of “Brasserie de Bretagne” replacing the original “Brasserie BRITT”. With a culture and a regional heritage of international renown, our Brewery is aperfect ambassador for our region with a pinch of avant-gardism.

Since 2020 our team has moved a few kilometres from Trégunc, to a new production site of 8500 m2, located in the coastal town of Concarneau. Here, our brewers continue to develop quality brews, made from local products and know-how inspired by artisanal techniques, to offer you 4 signature beers and more than 21 recipes with distinct and strong characters.

Our Values

Passion, humanity, commitment and humility

This culture of innovation fuels all our projects on a daily basis, providing our brewerswith a limitless playing field and regularly offering you new experiences, never ceasing to surprise you.
Although we have a strong traditional base, we also look to the future.


Brasserie de Bretagne




flavourful beers


beers from organic farming


million litres of beer brewed each year


of our bottles are recycled

Brewers' passion from the heart

A traditional brewing and a touch of
avant-gardism for inspired beers.

Respecting traditional know-how and its regional culture, the Brasserie de Bretagne is careful to maintain manufacturing and brewing techniques in line with traditional processes, in order to remain faithful to and continuing to share Breton brewing traditions.

● 1 master-brewer
● 4 brewers
● 7 million litres produced each year
● 100,000 bottles filled every day
● on average one beer from our brewery is drunk every second of every

Factory & behind the scenes

Our brewing process

The making of our beers goes through several different stages :

1. Malting

of organic barley by our local malt-makers. This malt determines, according to time and cooking temperature, the future colour and intensity of our recipes as well as the toasted, roasted or biscuited notes you can find in them.

2. Crushed

de ce malt jusqu’à obtention d’une mouture, base de nos bières en devenir, qui est ensuite mélangée à de l’eau et montée en température. On nomme cette étape l’empâtage (c’est ici que se joue le degré d’alcool et la rondeur de nos bières)

3. Brewing

au sein de nos cuves nous portons alors à ébullition un mélange résultant de l’empâtage auquel on ajoute de l’eau, des épices et des houblons (ces plantes qui apportent l’amertume)

4. Fermentation

Ce moût est ensuite descendu à une température de fermentation choisie, c’est à cette étape que l’on ajoute les levures. Elles sont cruciales car ce sont elles qui transforment les sucres en alcool et en gaz carbonique (la levure magique). Notre brasserie utilise un procédé de brassage élaboré et une fermentation haute entre 18 et 25 degrés. Nos bières arrivent à maturité après 7 jours de fermentation en cuves.

5. Bottling

puis enfin refermentation naturelle en bouteille.

6. Tasting

of course, we always save the best for last.

Family portrait

The BDB crew

It is because it is good to live in our family-sized brewery that our 44 or so employees have been helping to keep Brasserie de Bretagne's history alive and have continued
to write it on a daily basis for more than two decades.
An enthusiastic, dynamic, resolutely committed team of our best ambassadors both
home and abroad.

1 master brewer | 4 brewers
44 employees | 100% passion

The smile of our brewers | Our pride

We are proud that our work is recognised in France and abroad.

All these things are what drive us. Authenticity, flavours, creation and commitment are the key words that keep the Brasserie de Bretagne going.

Stay Tunned !

The Brasserie de Bretagne crew is on the lookout for all your comments in terms of bio-localisation, geo-localisation, projects to be bottled or casked, exchanges and meetings, or simply to find out how it brews.