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Pour découvrir l'univers de La Brasserie de Bretagne
et de ses bières bretonnes
vous devez avoir plus de 18 ans
The whispering of connoisseurs
Sant Erwann is an abbey type beer with a
singular and marked fragrance
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Drink from a wide-necked glass so you can fully appreciate the roasted cereals and malt aromas. With its lovely golden colour promising the connoisseur the wonderful taste to come.

The short story

First produced and brewed in 2003 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the patron saint of Brittany, Sant Erwann.

You may not know it, but it was originally a passing tribute brew. However, given the success of our recipe and its unparalleled character, Sant Erwann is still brewed daily at the Brasserie de Bretagne and has even earned its place in the National Assembly's refreshment bar.

nos bieres fourgon britt

Character| Power & Flavours

A great beer

A unique tasting beer and the only Abbey type beer of Breton origin.

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Blond | 7°

It received the World Beer Bronze Medal Awards in 2019.

Brewer's note

"A beer with a lot of body, with a perfect balance between roundness and bitterness. It will delight lovers of strong and tasty beers."

Nose : notes of biscuit and toasted cereals | Palate : full flavoured hops with cereal aromas | Bitterness : balanced | Food pairing : perfect with cold cuts. Ideal as an aperitif or even after your meal

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IPA | 7°

It received the World Beer Awards 2017 - Best IPA in the World

Brewer's note

"Naturally cloudy, its white foam reveals a golden lager with a sharp bitterness that finds a perfect balance with fruity and exotic aromas. A great introduction to IPA!"

Nose : citrus notes brought by the hops | Palate : peaches, citrus fruits | Bitterness : sharp | Food pairing : goes well with spicy dishes but also enhances blue or strong
flavoured cheese platters.

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Brewer's note

"Indomitable, powerful and fruity. This beer knows how to seduce beer amateurs thanks to its intense bitterness."

Nose : tropical fragrances | Palate : hedgerow and tropical fruit notes brought by the hops | Bitterness : intense | Food pairing : perfect with spicy dishes but also enhances blue or strong flavoured cheese platters.

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Triple | 9°

It received the World Beer Awards 2019: Best Beer in the World Triple category

Brewer's note

"A beer with a golden colour and a powerful taste. Its lingering flavours will delight lovers of exceptional beers."

Nose : fruity, spicy and malty bouquet | Palate : cereal aromas and peppery notes | Bitterness : long in the mouth | Food pairing : perfect with aperitifs, cold meats and cheeses.

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Red fruits | 5°

Brewer's note

"An elegant, refreshing and undeniably fruity beer. A superb pink colour reveals the character of the red fruits and especially the raspberry, which brings sweetness to this flavourful/tasty beer."

Nose : sweet perfume, notes of red fruits | Palate : red fruits and cereals | Bitterness : slight | Food pairing : ideal with a cheese platter or dessert.

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Red IPA | 6°


Brewer's note

"RED IPA is a beer with character, in harmony between hops and cereals. This amber beer is easy to drink and balanced."

Nose : resinous and fruity | Palate : cereal and fruity notes | Bitterness : sharp | Food pairing : ideal with a hamburger and caramelized onions or with a spicy curry dish

Stay Tunned !

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