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Pour découvrir l'univers de La Brasserie de Bretagne
et de ses bières bretonnes
vous devez avoir plus de 18 ans
Thirst for commitment
Being commited is good,
being able to price it to you on a daily basis is better.
And make it all around a beer that
makes sense, that's even better.
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Locally committed production

Our production aims to be sustainable and committed, for quality beers showing all
the agricultural and brewing richness of the land where it was born.

For more than a decade we have been responsible for and involved in the ecological
transition our land's needs.

A multi-dimensional and sustainable approach drives us and it starts at the source
with the choice of our raw materials.

They are selected for their quality but also for their proximity to our brewing site. We
collaborate with neighbouring farms in St Yvi, Élliant, Melgven and Pont-L'Abbé.

Our water, barley and cereals come from local sources and we work with Breton
farmers who, like us, are driven by a strong ecological commitment - *Association de
la Terre à la Bière (Earth to Beer Association)

The dregs, the residue from our malt brewing used in the production of our beers, are
recycled for local animal feed.

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A committed

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A considerate distribution, in all walks of life

We also supply directly through our boutique/online shop/shop/”Boutik”.

It is part of our culture to share and show that where we work is not just for brewing
beer but about our life, stories, journeys and emotions.

It should not be forgotten that the brewer’s passion lies above all in the notion of”conviviality”.

So, we hope to see you at the shop "Boutik" to taste one of our beers together.

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Our conviction for bio

BIO is rooted in our country.

It’s not just 3 letters that we stamp on our organic beer ranges Dremmwel and Ar-

Our beers are made of 100% natural ingredients.
Therefore, we take care of nature.

It is a true conviction and a company philosophy that respects natural products, their
cultivation methods, committed farmers and our beer, which is on your table.

The association "Produced in Brittany"

aims to certify and promote Breton know-how and the production of companies established in the region. Our beers proudly bear the brand name "Produit en Bretagne".

The "Distro" association

working on the implementation of a container reuse system for beverage producers in Brittany. An ecological and economical solution, based on voluntary work.

* the association "De la Terre à la Bière"

a brewing industry in solidarity, 100% Breton and 100% organic and local. This fair alliance brings together Breton regional brewers and local farmers producing organic raw materials, with the aim of promoting the local and solidarity-based organic brewing sector and respect for our region and its inhabitants.

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Make sense

We are proud (to say the least) to take part in the collaborative fabric of our region. In this way, we preserve our heritage and our terroir (land), while at the same time taking an optimistic view and full of projects for the future.

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Stay Tunned !

The Brasserie de Bretagne crew is on the lookout for all your comments in terms of bio-localisation, geo-localisation, projects to be bottled or casked, exchanges and meetings, or simply to find out how it brews.