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Pour découvrir l'univers de La Brasserie de Bretagne
et de ses bières bretonnes
vous devez avoir plus de 18 ans
A free spirit
You can hear Britt’senergetic bubbles
as they bounce around the glass.
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You can recognise the crackle of its fine refreshing foam. Resolutely Breton, it explores and experiments with aromas, inviting you with each sip to be carried away by the flavour.

Historical beer

Since its creation in 1998, Britt has been associated with the Puffin, a seabird symbol of Brittany's biodiversity.

The Puffin is the emblem of our unique and historic beer from Brittany. BRITT is festive, thirst-quenching, enthusiastic and resolutely Breton.

nos bieres fourgon britt

The little story

Originally (early 20th century) Célestin Heurtaud developed the secret recipe of this beer (it is still a closely guarded secret).
An attractive and curious recipe that was later brewed by his grandson, who himself became a brewer in Trégunc.
We have remained steadfast to our roots but have adapted to each generation. It is brewed today with care, for all lovers of beer.


Character | Spirited, aromatic and meaningful

Loyalty to our natural heritage is our flagship commitment.

Our brewery maintains an ethical responsibility and doesn't miss any opportunity to focus on the necessary preservation of the regional ecosystem and in particular the Breton coastline.
Britt demonstrates the strength of our commitment to sustainable development every day in our brewing processes.

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Blond | 5,5°

Brewer's note

"A well-balanced beer. Thirst-quenching, round and with just the right level of bitterness. A timeless Breton beer that always keeps its promise."

Nose : citrus and white fruit fragrances | Palate : softness brought by buckwheat | Bitterness : slight | Food pairing : breton par excellence, it goes well with aperitifs and cheese platters.

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White | 4,8°

It received the World Beer Bronze Medal Award in 2019.

Brewer's note

"Fresh, light and original. A naturally cloudy beer. On the palate, there is a sweet and slightly spicy feel, then a body strongly marked by the flavour of cereals. Seductive and thirst-quenching."

Nose : banana, cereal and biscuit flavour | Palate : notes of spices (orange peel and coriander) and cereals | Bitterness : subtle | Food pairing : to accompany your aperitifs, fish and seafood, and cheese platters.

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Red | 5,4°

Brewer's note

"Made from a peated malt, like the famous Islay whiskies of our Scottish neighbours, this amazing beer combines the intensity of smoke with the fruitiness of plum and walnut accurately. A stylish beer that breaks the rules. Simply remarkable. "

Nose : smokey notes | Palate : smokey and fruity plum and nut aromas | Bitterness : subtle | Food pairing : ideal as an aperitif and for cheese platters.

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Summer IPA | 5°

It received the World Beer Silver Medal Award in 2019,
and was awarded the Silver medal for the Concours Général Agricole in 2020.

Brewer's note

"A summery and thirst-quenching beer. Light and surprising, it appeals to lovers of aromatic blond beers. "

Nose : exotic touches | Palate : aromatic bouquet of hops and citrus notes | Bitterness : slight | Food pairing : ideal partner for aperitifs

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Ginger Session | 4,2°

Brewer's note

"A beer with style. Spicy and fruity, it offers a nice aromatic range to lovers of scented beers."

Nose : strongly fruity and peppery | Palate : beautiful ginger, pepper and lemon aromas | Bitterness : moderate | Food pairing : the perfect partner to all your aperitifs

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Amber Ale | 5°


Brewer's note

"Britt Amber Ale is a light beer with a red hue. This high fermentation amber beer is thirst-quenching and harmonious!"

Nose : notes of roasted cereals | Palate : woody and buckwheat notes | Bitterness : slight | Food pairing : ideal with red meats and roasted vegetables

Stay Tunned !

The Brasserie de Bretagne crew is on the lookout for all your comments in terms of bio-localisation, geo-localisation, projects to be bottled or casked, exchanges and meetings, or simply to find out how it brews.