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Pour découvrir l'univers de La Brasserie de Bretagne
et de ses bières bretonnes
vous devez avoir plus de 18 ans
Breton temperament
This great organic beer from Brittany
loves a challenge.
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This great organic beer from Brittany loves a challenge.

It seems to dare you to taste it. It's up to you to gauge the strength of the elements it contains and dare to experience AR MEN.

The short story

This noble beer is brewed as a heartfelt tribute to one of the historic lighthouses at sea on our Finistère coast, Ar Men.

A lighthouse on the edge, culminating at more than 33 metres high in the open sea off the island of Sein.

nos bieres fourgon britt

Character| Strong, fresh & organic

Our organic Ar-Men range is tinged with the mythical character of this building which has braved the waves for over a century. A true symbol of strength and tenacity in the face of the elements.

AR-MEN offers a choice of 6 recipes: IPA, Buckwheat, Red, Blond, Golden, White.

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Blond Organic | 5°

Brewer's note

"A great organic beer with a light body, revealing malty aromas as well as a fruity note of apricot and lemon. It quenches your thirst."

Nose : slightly spicy notes | Palate : malty taste of caramel and honey and fruit | Bitterness : moderate | Food pairing : ideal for aperitif and white meat dishes.

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Brewer's note

"A dark ochre colour, revealing a rich and fruity body combining cherry and plum aromas with spices (clove, nutmeg and cinnamon). The malt is characterised by toasted and caramelized notes. The bitterness is right and gives length to this great beer. A powerful delicacy."

Nose : fragrances of caramel and roasted malts | Palate : dominated by black fruits and spices. Caramelised and toasted notes brought by the malts | Bitterness : moderate | Food pairing : ideal for desserts

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Brewer's note

"Your taste buds will be certain to awaken with this great beer that has commitment and character. A golden robe, the roundness of chestnut, the freshness of lemon and the powerful bitterness that will delight lovers of typical beers. Mouth- watering and tasty."

Nose : notes of chestnuts | Palate : dominated by black fruits and spices, caramelised and toasted notes of malts | Bitterness : marked | Food pairing : game dishes and strong cheese platters

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Brewer's note

"Its reddish tints hint at the flavour/heartiness/depth of a beer with toasted notes and yeast that make up the body, all in a roundness enhanced by a note of hazelnut and walnut. An original creation for an elegant bottle."

Nose : notes of roasted malts | Palate : roundness of caramel and ripe fruits | Bitterness : slight | Food pairing : proud ambassador of Brittany, it goes well with breton pancakes, fish and desserts.

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Brewer's note

"Pleasant in the mouth, the light body of this great organic beer reveals notes of lemon and hops that a cleverly dosed bitterness closes. Freshness and lightness."

Nose : citrus and hops fragrance | Palate : subtly fruity taste | Bitterness : slight | Food pairings : perfect to accompany fish and salads.

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Brewer's note

"An organic API, thirst-quenching and with a strong character. Behind its sharp bitterness are subtle fruity notes, making this great beer one of our favourite recipes."

Nose : very fruity | Palate : aromatic fruity notes of hops | Bitterness : sharp | Food pairing : perfect with spicy dishes and salads.

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Organic Alcohol-free | 0,0°


Brewer's note

"This alcohol-free beer with malty and fruity aromas will appeal to lovers of elaborate blond beers. Thirst-quenching and tasty."

Nose : spice notes | Palate : malty aromas of caramel and honey and fruity aromas of apricot and lemon | Bitterness : moderate | Food pairing : ideal as an aperitif or with white meat

Stay Tunned !

The Brasserie de Bretagne crew is on the lookout for all your comments in terms of bio-localisation, geo-localisation, projects to be bottled or casked, exchanges and meetings, or simply to find out how it brews.